Music Camp 

We are offering 3 different types of Camps.

  They will run throughout the spring, summer and fall. They are scheduled and organized by skill and availability. Universal Camp (Beginners), Guitar Camp (intermediate), Jazz Camp (intermediate - Advanced)

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Univeral Camp

Perfect for beginners who want to try out a new instrument and learn to play within a week. Difficulty is minimal, however engagement and practice are manditory! 

Guitar Camp 

This camp is especially for those that are already familiar with the guitar and just want to improve in a group or private environment. Expect classes to be filled with riffs, voicings, scales, and chords. 

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Jazz Camp 

We are looking to fill your mind each and every day with ideas, music theory, and practical application. Expect each day to require at least 15 minutes of independent practice. This is class is not a beginner class, although beginners are welcome, if they are willing to put in the work