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The Javois Foundation goal is to teach our community how to live and succeed within the world around us! We believe that success does not lie in one singular train of thought, class, or career, but is the culmination of our experiences AND our community! To live is to learn, to grow, and to explore.

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The Academy of Exquisite minds is a pre-school program unlike any other. Our goal here at Piano Vibes is to build and create confidence, determination, and critical thinking. The difficulty in that is we only teach one subject, and our time with each student limited. At the Academy of Exquisite minds they take our one on one style learning to the next level using STEAM and other result driven techniques, concepts, and tutoring. We are excited to be a part of a complete educational system and hope that our students are interested in becoming Exquisite Mind' candidates.

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Houston Sauce Co. was started by husband and wife duo, Courtney and Chasitie Lindsay. With dreams of entering the culinary world, Courtney would spend 2 years developing his special hot sauce which would eventually launch on Super Bowl Weekend 2017. They were able to get the sauces into various restaurants and food stores throughout Houston, and gained a following from the exposure. Since the official launch of their food truck back in April 2018, Houston Sauce Kitchen has been deemed one of the best vegan spots in Houston! People travel from near and far to try some of their staple items like Cauliwings, Big Hot Chik’n Sammich and their Crunchy Boudain Sushi Roll.

They are the First official sponsors of the Javois Foundation & the pioneers of our Houston expansion into In-Home Lessons

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