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Online Lessons 101

Online Learning requires a workspace at home. Not just your instrument - you will need a printer, multiple pens & pencils, headphones, paper, and most importantly quiet.

Here at Piano Vibes We believe that virtual lessons require a different approach than standard in person lessons and it starts with materials and focus. Part of your lesson each week is making sure to print a copy of your assignment sheet that as been sent via text and/or email. Additionally be sure to READ in its entirety EVERY-TIME you practice. Practice times each week should be over 60 minutes. 

This will be the application we will be using as a medium for our standard lessons. We suggest downloading the application and creating an account.

Headphones + WiFi make lessons go smoother

Parents - more than ever,  your part in lessons will be necessary. Please try sit in on all lessons. Assignment sheets will be sent to parents via their preferred method (Phone/email). It is imperative that this information is not only given to the student, but to make sure that they review it, understand it, and practice it.

We want everyone to enjoy their music lessons - however - the quality and integrity of our work is most important. Please make sure practice times/habits are in place. Practice and Fun often have a very direct relationship.


This platform will teach and supplement the fundamental topics for each instrument. Please familiarize yourself with its format, as more and more content will be posted weekly. 

In addition to the fundamental topics, it will contain tutorials for songs and pieces. Beethoven's Fur Elise, Lady Gaga's Shallow, Lewis Capaldi Someone You Loved.

Students will also be able to request tutorials or ideas they would like expounded.

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