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Piano Vibes 

Studio Policy


We offer Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass guitar, Voice, Drum, Brass (trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba), Woodwind (sax, flute, clarinet).

Monthly tuition for standard lessons is $150 per student for 30 minutes each week, or $255 for 60 minutes each week. Tuition must be paid between the 1st and the 4th.  A card must be put on file for payments to be withdrawn monthly. Cash and checks will no longer be accepted. Tuition guarantees 4 lessons each month, although some months have 5 weeks. 



Books must be bought by the students, however if you would like us to order them, we can. Please consult the appropriate teacher if you would like to buy a book not yet recommended - this is to make sure the level and content is appropriate.

We have adapted the GCCISD calendar. This means that days the school district has off, we will also not have class. Exceptions will be made via text or phone calls. A month with vacation would still fall under standard tuition cost (Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the biggest examples). Tuition pays for students’ learning, booking venues, materials, and various activities that we take part in. We want you to attend lessons every week.


Make-up Lessons
We guarantee one makeup lesson a month if given 12 hours notice. We will adjust tuition if a teacher is absent or in case of an emergency. Otherwise, you must use your make up session within the same month. We are not liable for make-ups you forget to schedule. Lessons end every half hour unless the teacher is running behind or makes an exception.


Practice and Commitment
We are professionals in our field. It is our job to provide your child with the materials, patterns, information, and techniques they need to learn. It is your job to ensure – day in and day out – they are working toward these goals. We are not a studio built on excuses or passive teachings. Our teachers are hands-on and some of the best in the city. We want you to have the best experience! If difficulties arise, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.  

Online Lesson Etiquette

We want to ensure the best quality of work possible. Sessions should be held in a quiet room, with adult supervision if available - please be ready to work.  


We have a gravel lot. Please try to park as courtesy as possible. Please do not speed. Do not park or drive on the grass, you make get stuck.

Feel free to wait in the lobby or outside on the patio. Please supervise your children. Our equipment is not for play.  


We take referrals very seriously and reward our customers/clients with a free month of lessons. Our goal is to be the premiere music school in our area, known for the work we do with our students, staff, and within the community.  

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