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Muisc & Movement Courses

Welcome to our Child Development Program! Our aim is to  enable children to think, process, and enjoy the world around them. If sound is how we learn and communicate, then fostering its growth is ultimately tied to success

Nursery School


  • Expression - laughing, giggling, babbling, and talking  

  • Gross Motor Skills - walk and dance

  • Cognition - focus, listen, process

  • Memory - musical selection and story time.  


Kids in Preschool
  • Fine Motor Movement - using fingers and hands with movement

  • Social Skills - Interaction with others  

  • Talent Development - Identify the instrument or instruments best suited to them

  • Confidence - building our students mental strength and capacity is a high priority 


School Cones in Class
  • Private Lessons - personal development plan focused on innovation

  • Group Lessons - Fun interactive and peer activated learning

  • Performance - showing others what dedication and hard work is

  • Leading - peer teaching and encouragement. Setting an example starts early  


Kay Asharri - Child Development Director

 If you know anything about Piano Vibes, we find only those that are passionate about music, their craft, and learning. To teach is to forever be pursued by your students. Kay has kindly agreed to head this project in tangent with opening her own school. You can be sure our curriculum will have the highest standards while providing an experience that children remember in a possessive light.


Achille Javois - Owner

I am so excited to offer music to toddlers and preschoolers. My demographic has always been age 5 and up. In fact, I specialize in working with intermediate and advanced pianist. Our work with our current studio is reflected in the trust and respect we have built over the years with our students and their parents. It is my pleasure to offer a curriculum that serves as a liaison into grade school music development.

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